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Crazy on Craigslist: Padding the Sq Ft in Chelsea?

While the high-end appliances in this for-sale-by-owner Chelsea Craigslisting do sound pretty groovy, there seems to be a little problem with the math, according to a tipster:

I've done the math about 10 times. where do they get 795 sq ft. from?! And from a FSBO! A broker I could see inflating the numbers...but jeez.Following our own highly scientific independent verification, in which we gave liberal estimates for the unlabled spaces (closets, bathroom ...) and added the "60 sq. ft. of storage under bed alcove," we still couldn't break 700. Located on "the FIT block, 27th St. at 7th and 8th Ave.," the owner's asking $549,000, which means it's either $691 per square foot or something closer to $790.
· Listing: Chelsea Mini Loft, 795 sq. ft., Fully Renovated [Craigslist] UPDATE: An e-mailer begs to differ on the space-inflation tactic: "The owner is the person with the most gain from a sale (as it should be of course) whereas a broker's commission is not so different with a bit higher or lower (as people always focus on) and the broker could lose their license over it whereas the owner couldn't so it's just ignorant to make the above claim. This just perpetuates the 'nasty broker' putting 'poor clients' at his/her mercy which we all know is Hollywood."