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Curbed Readers Write: Tight-Lipped at 11 Spring Street

Because even in the age of comments, many readers like to send us emails, and we love them for it...

1) Regarding our plea for intel about Lachlan Murdoch's presumptive sale of 11 Spring Street in Nolita (right), a Curbed reader writes: "I have been a personal friend of the recent owner for a number of years and I have enjoyed following the comments about the building. Sorry I can't divulge anything else. Thanks for the entertainment." [Ed—arrrrhgh! Photo via Lightningfield]
2) In the East Village: "News from Hooker Lane: Sunday afternoon I spotted Rachel Weisz outside her new townhouse on 11th Street between 2nd and 3rd. She looked good in a pair of Uggs and was standing with a guy in a fauxhawk. After a few seconds some hipsters—including one wearing a trucker hat—descended the front steps of the empty building to join the famous actress. Don't know if Aronofsky was among them. Here's to a speedy commencement of renovations."
3) Regarding Robert A.M. Stern's fast-selling 15 Central Park West: "I went to see 15 Central Park West. I was surprised that there was nothing to see, no demo unit, no samples of materials... nothing. The biggest surprise was that the broker stated that the developer had a policy of not marking up units, but later confided some units could be adjusted downwards, and others upwards."
4) "Did anyone else see snow on the sidewalk by the astor place starbucks, across the street from the sculpture of loathing, last night? what was that all about?"