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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) London Terrace: Steamy Workouts and Dirty Water (53 comments): "Couldn't they have reworked this into an amenity?"
2) St. Ann's Update: NYU's 26 Stories of Salvation (36 comments): "NYU isn't building a single dorm. NYU is turning a whole neighborhood into a dorm and, in doing so, is transforming it into one giant Bleecker Street. Sad."
3) Red Scream Machine on Eighth Ave (32 comments): "A bunch of dumbass helmetless tourists on a bike in a heavily trafficked area. What could possibly go wrong??"
4) Coming to the East 40s: Ground Zero North (31 comments): "Probably the worst spots in the Murray Hill area now are the Kips Bay Houses (an old-style project) and those Mitchell-Lama buildings on Second Ave in the 20's, because of the methadone clinic there. That area can get a bit scary."
5) Three Cents Worth: Sellers' Reality Distortion (18 comments): "My Wall Street friends are putting their cash in savings and in their investment accounts - and shorting the shit out of the real estate sector (and so am I, another Wall Streeter)."