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Funky Friday Listing: Going Boho in Noho

Halstead's listing for a full-floor loft space at 41 Bleecker Street, asking $1.35 million, caught the eye of a Curbed correspondent. He files this report:

just as i was about to ring my darling old auntie in san francisco and invite her to tea at the nob hill ritz-carlton, because amidst the tremors of a softening market, i had at long last stumbled across a loft both seemingly within my modest reach and located in one of my preferred neighborhood (in this case, noho, and ± 2000 sq ft for $675 per (!!!) for the top flr w/ n, s, & eastern exposure)... sure, it needs a gut reno, but put a lakh or two into it (this is where auntie dear comes into the picture), and it should be worth an easy $2 mil. yes! then i checked it out on property shark, and remembered that the first rule of real estate is not the (too) often recited L-cubed, but rather "if it seems to good to be true, it indubitably is." yes, the place is a phenomenal value for the square footage and the location. however any potential visitors would need to be met at the guantanamo bay-style barriers across shinbone alley and be escorted through the razor wire. now how much fun is that?

· Listing: 41 Bleecker Street: Calling All Artists! [Halstead]