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One Bryant Park's Waterless Urinal Mecca: Good as Gold

One Bryant Park, the Bank of America tower rising on the corner of Sixth Avenue and 42nd Street, was celebrated awhile back in this space for its future-edge waterless urinals. Now, Popular Science takes the glory of waterless urination to the next level, naming the tower its top tech innovation of 2005 in the engineering category (take that, iPod Nano). Sez the magazine:

Set to rise 54 stories above Manhattan, the crystalline Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park will incorporate an unrivaled number of environmentally friendly technologies, from its windows to its toilets... The building will even have waterless urinals and use water collected from the roof to flush toilets. Together, these systems are designed to earn the building a Platinum rating—the highest possible—from the U.S. Green Building Council when construction is completed in 2008.Adds blogger Andrew Krucoff, "Do you see Little 4 Times Square, home of Conde Nast, in the background at the bottom of the picture? Here's pissing on you, Si."
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