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Crazy on Craigslist: Headroom? Not a Priority on the LES

When an avid tipster introduces a Craigslisting on the Lower East Side with the words, "I hear it's doubling as the new set for Being John Malkovich part III," you know it's going to be slightly heady. Lo(w) and behold: The carpeted bottom floor of this "live/work duplex" has a ceiling height of just 6'5"! Sure, upstairs, you've got 9'+, but it might be hard to average them out - in your mind or otherwise. Still, for $1200/month, this could be your chance to recreate that twisted Charlie Kaufman fantasy you have each night as you crawl into bed. "Must see it to love it." Any seers/lovers out there?
· Listing: Renovated Live/work duplex on Ludlow & Hester sts [Craigslist]