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Alice Tully Hall Cleans Up All Pretty

[New interior of Alice Tully Hall. Note glorious cast of multiracial patrons enjoying the show, save for mysterious woman in red, floating away, house right. That has to mean something, no? Mythology? Anyone? Images courtesy DS+R, in collaboration with FX Fowle]

Those crazy kids at Diller Scofidio + Renfro are at it again. Having long since released renderings of their plans to remake Lincoln Center so that it "is more Lincoln Center than Lincoln Center" (N.B. actual quote), the architects greet this Monday with new renderings of their vision for a remade Alice Tully Hall, set to serve as stage one of the overhaul.

The key word: transparency. And not just the finances. We're talking glowing resin, people, the likes of which New York hasn't seen since the city cleaned its collective hash pipe in 1977. Robin Pogreben writes, "Light will be emitted directly through the panels to create a glowing theatrical womb." Outside, kiosks and cantilevers will draw the eyes. And you know what? We're loving it. After the jump, more images of Alice's sleek new visage, with work to start next summer for completion in 2008.

"Wait, who directed traffic onto the plaza? For the love of God, stop that taxi! But oh, hey, wave the Porsche through."

Says the Times caption, "While this part of the campus may never approximate the grand swirl of the main fountain plaza, the architects want it to have an energy of its own." Translation: accumulated blowing McDonalds wrappers will not be tolerated for the first three months of the project's lifespan.

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