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Ask Curbed: What's My Roof Worth?

[Now that we've got comments operational, it's time to empty our inbox of pressing questions that have piled up from Curbed readers. In lieu of answering them ourselves—because, seriously, what the hell do we know?—we're posting them up for the brilliant minds in our readership to have at. We'll run questions whenever we get good ones—send yours along to—but for this kickoff week, we'll do up one reader query a day. Strap yourself in (unless, you know, that's not your thing) and get ready to help your fellow Curbed friends find the answers they've been seeking as we (cue theme music) Ask Curbed...]

Curbed reader Bruce Antelman asks:

The top floor of my building is currently on the market. Along with the purchase of the floor a residential buyer is also interested in purchasing roof rights in order to build a private deck and a garden. How can the building figure out how much the roof rights are worth in terms of a purchase price and maintenance?
Got the scoop? Ideas or answers for Bruce in the comments thread, s'il vous plait.