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FreshDirect Competitor Watch: Prospect Heights MeatVan

A Curbed neighborhood koan: does having a vibrant message board increase the amount of strange stuff happening in a neighborhood, or would the area be just as interesting without a virtual hangout? Wait, don't answer that. But Prospect Heights does seem especially wacky these days, no? From the radical chic at the Daily Heights forums:

Who needs "Fresh Direct" when we have this stuff! Was walking up Atlantic between 4th Avenue and 3rd Avenue and this African-American guy dressed like a butcher shouts out at me: "Hey buddy? Wanna buy some steaks?" Turned to the curb and looked and lo and hehold the back of a white van was open and two other guys--dressed like butchers--were selling meat!... Shook my head "No..." and walked away and the guy then starts shouting! "Hey! Hey! We have! T-Bone. Porthouse. Got some shrimp also..." As Yakov Smirnoff would say "Only in America!"

Or, as Curbed would say, "Only in Prospect Heights."
· Selling Meat out of the Back of a Van [DailyHeights Forums]