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Same Difference: $550,000 Bargain vs. Basement

[New York has a real estate feature called "Same Space, Different Place" that looks at two similar floorplans and compares prices. Very cool. But what happens when two properties share a price—but virtually nothing else? Why, it's a new Curbed feature, of course. Welcome the inaugural edition of Same Difference...]

The above floorplans may look superficially similar. And, hey, they're both on the market for exactly $550,000. But look a little closer. The apartment on the right is an East Village 1BR brought to our attention by an alert Curbed reader who thinks he might have sniffed out a bargain: "Nice building, low maintenance. Why so cheap?" (Theories?)

Conversely, the space on the left, in Tribeca, strikes us as a bit less of a bargain. Why? Per the NYT listing: "Raw Cellar Space, 9' ceilings, two large windows at rear of building. Presently rented to the 1st floor as extra storage space." Or, as a Curbed tipster puts it, "Wanted: True Nocturnal."

S/D VERDICT: The basement, of course. Cuz our '82 Lafite needs a home, too.
· Listing: 224 East 11th Street [Prudential Douglas Elliman]
· Listing: Condo Convertable Cellar [NYTimes Listings]