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It Happened One Weekend: High Prices, Exposed Vices

1) Finally, some sex on the real estate pages! Lend a pervy ear to some brokers who want to regale you with tales of open houses gone awry. Sex, porn and bondage included, not to mention iguanas, pot and dungeons. Kinky! [NYT]
2) Studios and one-bedrooms keep going up in price while bigger places have hit a brick wall. We've heard it before, and this is just saying it again. Here's a useful stat, though: The average studio in Manhattan now costs $428,831, and the average one-bedroom costs $687,744. [NYT]
3) The Post investigates the open house cold front rumors and comes away with a mixed opinion on the matter. [NYPost]
4) In a move so dramatic that it warrants its own Times illustration, a Manhattan appeals court ruling will change the way many rentals, co-ops and condos handle their laundry room contracts. Legal scholars will debate this for generations to come, while seperating their whites from their colors, of course. [Jay Romano/Your Home]
5) In a touching Hunt column that almost reads like a Wes Anderson screenplay, a widower tries, tries, tries and tries again to buy a Harlem brownstone, before finally snagging one for $1.25 million. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
6) Here's something we've always kinda wondered about. You've got your prewar and your postwar buildings, but are there any "war" buildings? Apparently so. [NYPost]