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Inside New Gooooogle's New Chelsea Oooooffice

[Inside the new Googleplex NYC. View from SW corner looking toward Eighth Avenue.]

Leave the extra o's on for "Oh my fucking God." A special Curbed correspondent sends us dazzling photographic evidence of Google's forthcoming 311,000 square foot office at 111 Eighth Ave., 4th floor. We're talking mad square footage. Notes our correspondent,

The space stretches the entire square block from 15th St to 16th St, from 8th Ave. to 9th. It used to be occupied by Prudential Financial Services. You could probably host quite a sizeable party in there. Looks like they have a lot of work to do! I actually saw someone walking around in there today, so I think they are starting to build it out. I actually had to run out of there so I wouldn't get questioned. They take security pretty seriously in this building. Several weeks ago I was snooping around as well and there wasn't a soul to be seen.After the jump, a complete tour of New York's new center of the universe. With location captions from our correspondent...

This is standing near the NW corner (15th and 9th) looking east toward 8th Avenue.

Standing exactly in the NW corner looking toward 8th again.

Pit with freight elevator on the left big enough to lift a SUV up. Sets of doors on the right to god knows where.

Three more freight elevators on the north side.

Another pic looking toward 15th St.

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