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Rumblings & Bumblings: Cry Me a Tower of Condos

[You know the drill: you ask, we ask, you answer. Insightful commentary and sweet, sweet digital photographs to -- or here!]

1) Downtown: "Do you know what is going on with the older building at the (kind of) corner of Beekman and Broadway [pictured above]? It’s a gorgeous building but deserted and surrounded by scaffolding. If that’s being torn down to make way for some steel and glass, lifeless tower I think I’ll cry."
2) East Villagish: "Rumor has it that Toll Brothers is building a condo on 3rd Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets, where the "Victory" theater used to be. The building will be 20+ stories tall. Any confirmations out there?" [We have a vague recollection that it was in here. Who will save us all the trouble of sifting through that treatise? -ed.]

More, much more [best. rumblings. ever.], on the other side of this link.

3) Hell's Kitchen: "I live in Hell's Kitchen and there is a new building going up on the northwest corner of 9th Ave and 38th St. I asked a construction worker and he said it's going to be a 12-story condo building. Any chance you can look into it and get some details? [Lackeys! To the research chamber! -ed.] By the way, the lot has been empty for at least 2 years. I have no idea what was there before."
4) Boerum Hill: "Not far from blog-friendly 53 Boreum, it seems that 2 condo buildings are going up on Dean Street between Boerum Place and Smith Street. For the past month or so developers have been tearing down a couple or garages and prepping the sites for construction. Anyone know what's going up there? I've heard condos..."
5) Chelsea: "What's up with the building on west 21st street between 6th & 7th ave. Anyone know what it's going to be? It seems like they add a new floor every day. I've never seen a building go up so fast in my life. Anyone?" [Mm, Chelsea, so many shiny new condos. One of these days, we're gonna build us a map.]
6) East Village: "Walking east on 13th street. Between First Avenue and Avenue A, I noticed that the building that used to house photog David LaChapelle's Studio is gone. What's happening??? Some ugly new high rise apartment building, i'm sure, right?"
7) Williamsburg: "Spotted starbucks sign in the window on broadway/havemeyer (where the KFC was beneath the J/M/Z line) - is this true?" [Is that some sort of trick question? -ed.]