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Waiting for Alamo in EVil: The Morning After the Day Before

Our street team couldn't drag their butts out of bed this morning, so we can't be sure whether the big, black steel cube (Remember? The Alamo) has returned to Astor Place a day late and graffiti-free. Yesterday, Gothamist telegraphed the sadness of some "art fans" who'd been planning a renegade meta-party for the scheduled arrival of the cube. References to the 1836 battle in Texas as well as artistic puns on the shape of the object abounded, but no sign of the art itself. What has the new dawn brought? If it has arrived, Flickr it our way! The first person to do so will win ... as-yet-nonexistent Curbed-brand merch as well as our eternal gratitude (or at the very least a friendly e-mail thank-you letter).
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