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Cool Hunting in Queens

Dug up on Craigslist and sent to us by a reader, this smallish 1920 Astoria two-family house might be priced a smidgeon high, but it's being marketed as a "developer's dream" and the listing does whet our appetite with two particularly charming amenities: a built-in cocktail bar and a "stress-busting Australian showerhead." Can you say "total score?" The house sits on a corner lot of 3,400 square feet, with a paved area containing seven parking spaces. Extend the house over that area, or go ahead and just build another full floor on top (yay, air rights!) The price, however: $1,450,000. But what's this at the end? Oh yes: "This is the next major area of New York to be Williamsburg-ified." Holy shit, a 'Burg bomb! We're sold! Notes our Astorian tipster: "Fuck it, we're listing our 500 sq. ft. apt. for $500,000 - any takers?"
· $1450000 - Developer's Dream: Corner Lot on LIC/Astoria Border, House & Parking! [Craigslist]