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Reader Rumor Roundup

We've been picking up some chatter on a few real estate developments, but there hasn't been anything so earth shattering that we were forced to drop everything and give it its own thread. Still, we don't want to see these fade away, so we'll clear some out in this space. These are all submitted by tipsters, so sue them, not us. Please.

1) "The Madison on 128th and Madison, a Developers Group property, is fully built but not even 50% sold yet! They are accepting offers below the offering price." [Ed note: The Developers Group just can't win today, eh?]
2) "I heard a rumor that they halted construction temporarily on the St. Ann's/NYU dorm-site. Something about they aren't sure if the permits they got were right and they built/knocked down something illegally. I can't confirm this officially, but I can confirm that the jackhammer sound I've been hearing stopped mid-day today." [Ed note: Those who think NYU can be so easily thwarted, we've got some property in New Mexico we'd love to sell to you. It's the next Williamsburg!]
3) "The Gantry in Long Island City ... first luxury condos sold in LIC ... 10 signed contracts ... no offering plan unless you are serious and come in for an appointment ... releasing 5-7 units at a time ... 1 Bedrooms going in low $500's ... occupancy roughly July 2006." [Ed note: Meet us up in Cabana 4!]

For more Gantry goodness, check out this Real Deal story about LIC's new luxury developments. Sexy broker pose tossed in at no extra cost!
[Gantry construction site photo from QueensWest gallery]