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West Side Ride: Proposed 8th Ave. Bike Lane

We learned recently how Eighth Avenue has gone crazy for Party Bikes, but what about the more common garden-variety ones? Enter the proposed 8th Ave. bike lane, which would stretch from Columbus Circle to 14th St. It's an idea that's been making the rounds for a few years now, but you'll get another chance to speak out on the plan at tonight's Community Board 4 transportation panel powwow. According to Transportation Alternatives, the new bike lane would "help tame traffic, make 8th Avenue safer for everyone and reduce sidewalk cycling." Which got our pedestrian minds thinking: Bikers, do non-bicyclists respect already existing bike lanes throughout the city or not? O wheeled (and potentially critical) masses, please chime in.
· Help Win the 8th Avenue Bike Lane! (photo) [TransAlt via OnNYTurf]