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Checking in With the Tower of Bowery: What Gives?

It's been a while since we had our way with the Tower of Bowery, but not much has really changed. It may not look like puke anymore, but it's still stinking up the skyline. We feel this neighbor's pain:

I've been on the Bowery, between 2nd and 3rd streets, for four years - a coordinate that could easily be considered the vortex of gentrifying construction. We've got 30 Bond, Evil Avalon Christie empire, 57 Bond Street storefronts, and many other minor constructions in a 3 block radius. Among all of these works in progress, though, nothing has been more bizarrely frustrating than the TOWER OF BOWERY (3rd and Bowery). What the hell is going on here?? It started as condos, stopped, started, stopped, started again as a "boutique hotel", stopped, got shrouded in green scaffolding, started again, altered its facade and windows, stopped, etc. I've attempted some independent sleuthing, but no one seems to have a clue.True, when last we checked, there were inklings of a boutique luxury hotel, but construction is moving slower than Long Island City's ascent to cool (sorry, too easy). We've never opened up the TOB topic to comments, so now is as good a time as any. Let's have at it, shall we?
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