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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: The Answer Is Condos

1) Regarding the grand old building at Beekman and Broadway Nassau, the Temple Court building (pictured right), a reader writes, "The building at beekman and nassau is being converted to residential. I work across the street and its been under construction for at least 2 years if not longer. Rumor has it some old lady still owns it. I haven't seen any activity there in months. they do have an amazing skylight that was just replaced in the spring, but seriously that was the last time I even saw anyone working on the building." More below and in Tuesday's R&B comments.
2) Confirmation of the invasion of the mega-builders: "The toll brothers building will be at 110 third ave, next to the grace hope and mission. It will be a 22 story building, with a very modern glass curtain-wall, with nearly floor to ceiling windows. Preconstruction has been in progress since April. Piles will be driven soon." Each apartment will also include a man-made pond and circular driveway. Meanwhile, a commenter suggests there's another one coming, and the NYPost is on the Toll trail, too (#3).
6) Finally, more condos for the EVill: "The old East Side Lumber Yard was demolished to make way for luxury condos…The old space used to be home to David LaChappelle’s NY studio but now is a big hole." UPDATE: A reader graciously sends this rendering of the 8-story building-to-be, noting "air rights were purchased from a church on the block:"

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