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On the Market: Searching 'Manhattan'; Finding Jersey

Until Google Base starts getting populated with more listings, it's likely to return some strange results. We searched "manhattan condo for sale" and came up with a two-bedroom in Jersey City. Uhh ... Granted the unit does appear to have its very own website, so let's stick around anyway: It's 1,300 sq. ft. with an office/study, walk-in closet, and second sleeping area on the second floor loft as well as an outdoor balcony on the first floor. Two open houses this weekend. Asking price: $575,000. Obviously took some extra effort to web-stage this condo, but don't you move to Jersey to find places for under half a million?
· Listing: 205 10th St. #4F, Jersey City [ParkHamiltonCondo]

UPDATE: A recent open-houser says: "What they don't tell you is that the one bedroom IS the small loft area/study with a VERY low ceiling and no windows (visible in the picture). The outdoor balcony isn't seperate from the other units so there is no privacy. This place might be good for a couple, but not at that price. It has been for sale by owner for weeks. Wait and watch the price chopping begin!