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South Slope Gets in the Rezone

You gotta hand it to the concerned citizens of South Park Slope and Greenwood Heights. When those kids want something, they sure do go and get it. After months of ceaseless campaigning against new high-rise developments in their community, the Brooklynites got their wish, as the City Council voted in favor of a downzoning proposal for South Slope/G-Heights. The proposal's revised map of the area can be seen above, and community site South South Slope has some reaction to the news:

And so what happens to the numerous sites that were racing to beat the clock? Namely the two Isaac Katan 12-story monsters on 15th and 16th streets. And also the Robert Scarano building which was going to block the view from Minerva to the Statue of Liberty. Well it looks like it might be a clean sweep in favor of the community. More info in the days to follow as DOB follows through on inspections, but it looks like none have completed foundations.Eager to rest on their laurels for just one night, the group is throwing what is sure to be a raucous and wild affair (warning: PDF). You know what they say: Ain't no party like an anti-development party, cuz an anti-development party don't stop (protesting).
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