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Google's Free Listings Go Live; Earth Pauses to Surf

There's a new way to list property and it looks somewhat like Craigslist, but it moves with the heft of a $110 billion market cap (and 311,000 sq ft of new office space). Google Base! It's still early, but already we found a few New York real estate listings, including this Downtown no-fee alcove studio rental for $1925/month via A. Fine. Inman has more on the RE angle, with the requisite anxiety/assurances about its anticipated effect on print ads, and Property Grunt takes it for a test drive:

It is a lot easier to use than Craigslist in terms of listing products or services. Users are not required to submit an email address to list onto Google Base. ... Without that failsafe it seems Google Base is vulnerable to spammers and bait and switch artists. However all the ads have an option for users to report spammers and other types of internet hooliganism.
What's your early take on this new back alley of the internet?
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