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Crazy on Craigslist: 'Inverstors ... oppertunity!'

Craigslist sure has come a long way. Lately, you can find a new roommate for your five-person share AND score $10 million Manhattan investment deals. Go on. Mesmerize yourself with all those zeros - $10000000 - just don't look too closely at the text:

Rare Investment Oppotunity.... Rare Investment oppertunity to purchase a group of units at a the most attractive price per sq ft deal in the city... Experienced inverstors only....Gotta love it when they spell a word two different ways. Hoping they'll get it right at least once? Not this time (0 for 2). Is this really the way to entice someone to part with 10 big ones?
· $10000000 - Rare Investment Oppotunity [Craigslist]