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Development Du Jour: Chelsea House, Write It Down

The web designers for the Chelsea House, an in-progress lux development on 19th St. between 6th and 7th, have stumbled upon a winning homophone if ever there was one: you can write in a pad, or you can live in a pad. Genius! The result of this lightbulb moment is reproduced above. Okay, onward. Scheduled for completion this summer, the Chelsea House, part of the great Chelsea condo boom of the '00s, contains 64 units, including duplex "townhouses," 1BRs, 2BRs, and 3BR penthouses with terraces. The pads are designed by Randy Gerner of GKV Architects and developed by The Clarett Group.

UPDATE: Can't say we didn't know this was coming. A reader writes, "homophones are two words that sound alike but are spelled differently, e.g., 'maid' and 'made'....what you cite as a homophone is merely two definitions for the same word... "

An exterior view of the building's "artistically inspired facade of glass, exposed concrete and stylized window mullions" on the other side of this link.

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