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Yankees Trying to Be Neighborly in the Bronx

Hott hot stove action in the South Bronx, where the Yanks and the borough brass are trying to explain to the locals why they need a new stadium. Blogger Field of Schemes says that team reps and the pols were met by "an angry throng intent on telling them where to stick their blueprints" at a community meeting last night. Some highlights from FOS:

·A hapless presenter from developer Tishman Speyer, trying to placate the crowd by paging through a slide show of stadium renderings and murmuring, "See the trees?" while trying to ignore the catcalls around her.
· [Borough prez Adolfo] Carrion waxing poetic about the virtues of a new high school, hotel, and convention center, declaring, "the stadium is really not the centerpiece" of the plan - while standing in front of a planning mockup containing no school, no hotel, and no convention center, only a stadium.
Okay, who wants to bet there'll be trees and a school. A-Rod?
· Bronx Jeers IV: A New Hope? [Field of Schemes via Save Our Parks]