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Curbed Roundtable: The Mystery of Broker Etiquette

A Curbed reader writes, "As someone who's on the hunt for a home, I'm a bit confused about the etiquette of dealing with NYC brokers." Hm, broker etiquette. Interesting concept. Tell us more. "Some examples (from broad to more specific):

· Can I work with as many brokers as I like regardless of overlap in properties, agencies, neighborhoods? · Breaking up with my broker. After a couple of months, I'm not impressed with his efforts to date. I met another broker within his/her agency that I'd prefer to work with. Can I switch brokers without starting WWIII?

· I've been looking downtown with a large agency broker based in the area. We have an understanding that he's the broker I'm officially "working with." However, I'm now expanding my search to Inwood and Jackson Heights. Other brokers, both inside and outside his agency, are more knowledgable about those areas. I'd prefer to work directly with them as opposed to having him filter the listings. How to handle?

· Brooklyn. My impression is that the larger agencies co-broke but some of the smaller neighborhood specialists do not. True? Is this also the case in other boroughs, neighborhhods?

Your best answers to these questions, or ruminations on related broker etiquette issues, in the comments below. Or, for those who prefer the old-fashioned way, emails to