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On the LES, Drunk on BLUE Condos

Blogger Joe Schumacher snaps this blue sticker - er, make that BLUE sticker, depicting the new "PIXILATED" luxury condo knifing its way into the Lower East Side skyline, and takes out his meta-meter for an irony reading:

Since the neighborhood has many residents who admire clever stickers posted on lamp posts, are the stickers part of their sales campaign? Or, since the neighborhood has many residents who place clever stickers on lamp posts, are the stickers a commentary on the building?If you're the type to admire clever floor plans, this penthouse PDF (2-bed, 2.5-bath, 2,494 sq. ft. duplex) might just be your cup of tea. There are more over at the sales site - turn up your speakers if Etta James gets you in the mood (to buy real estate).

Oh, and since our readers are such sticklers for language, please note that "pixilated," which appears in a press release that's been making the rounds (screenshot after the jump), is defined as "behaving as if mentally unbalanced," "prankish," and also "intoxicated." Based on the wacky 21st-century shades of blue adorning the facade, could they have meant "pixelated"?

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