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Curbed PriceChopper: Prince, Pauper Edition

Was Asking: $6.9 million
Now Asking: $5.7 million
You Save! $1.2 million (sort of)

This 2-bed, 2.5-bath penthouse duplex at 870 Fifth Ave. and 68th St., with big Central Park views, has shed a few pounds recently, but let's be honest - it had a little help. Or should we say it lost The Help. See, the old price included a first-floor studio as a part of the deal. (Um, yeah, those are the maid's quarters, but if you have to ask, you might not be ready to buy here.) You can still purchase that smaller co-op - for $499,000 - but you have to already own property in the building (like, say, PH B), so there's just no getting into this place on the cheap (unless you're ready to put on that apron). Now, will that be one lump or two, mum?
· Listing: 870 Fifth Avenue, Penthouse B [PeterAshe]
· Listing: 870 Fifth Avenue, 1st Floor Maid's Apt. [PeterAshe]