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New 'Aroma Espresso Bar' in Soho: Coffee or Irony?

As if in silent retort to our last post about the Houston-facing retail space at 160 Wooster St. - and hot on the heels of the Wired Store's fevered preparations next door - big gesturing silhouettes have appeared in the empty eastern storefront. Let's read the tea leaves: Perhaps we can expect a new purveyor of upmarket caffeinated beverages for the shopping fiends of Soho? (Of course these days, the words "espresso bar" in the title could be just a ruse, and they'll actually be selling pre-jaded T-shirts.) The internets tell us there's another Aroma Espresso Bar in San Francisco's Financial District, which serves "Aromachinos," but these might be unrelated. Got any used coffee grounds on this place? Slake our thirst for dirt!
· Wired, Temporarily, in Soho [Curbed]

UPDATE: We were looking to the west when we should've looked east! Turns out it's an Israeli coffee-shop chain, and this will be their U.S. flagship. [PeterAshe/PDF]