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In the Year 2000: Elevators to Confuse the Out-of-Towners

Welcome to the latest innovation in separating the locals from the tourists: the Schindler smart elevator (at left) that only stops on one floor - the one you want (in theory, at least). Instead of punching the big up arrow, you key in your desired floor and the system tells you which car is headed there. Soon to be stumping visitors in the Marriott Marquis Times Square Hotel as well as the new Hearst Tower and One Bryant Park (of the waterless urinals). Over at 1180 Sixth Ave., where the new-fangled system is already in use, the Times notes that "employees streaming into the building perform an orderly ballet, entering floor numbers and then proceeding to elevators marked A through H." Gotta love the graceful moves by a corps of automatons.
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