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Development Du Jour: ThreeTen East 53rd

A comment in Monday's open house thread drew our attention to this midtown skyline newcomer. Meet ThreeTen East 53rd, a new development that earns audacity points right off the top for its fey branding trick of spelling out its street address. (Curbed HQ at OneTen Rivington Street is already jealous.) ThreeTen is a Macklowe development, architected with that "glass" motif that's all the rage by SLCE Architects; the building topped out last month and occupancy is planned for May 2006. (Wired New York has some groovy construction pictures: "It's amazing how fast this thing is going up," says one poster.)

Prices in the 88 units in the 31-story building appear to start at $1.8 million and soar from there. (According to the developer site, $1.85 million gets you a 2BR condo with 1,450sqft inside and a 220sqft patio.) But our commenter reports it's already above that:

I went to the developer's sales office for 310 East 53rd (uniquely named "310") and it was unbelievable how many people were there. There must have been at least 7 or 8 groups ahead of me and this was for condos STARTING at $2.2 million. I keep hearing that prices are sliding and units are staying on the market longer, but unless these people hired a bunch folks to stage the sales office (I wouldn't put that pust a developer), it just wasn't the case with this development.· ThreeTen East 53rd Street []
· 310 East 53rd Street [WiredNY]