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Forget Syrup; Time to Make the Donuts

While the whole city erupts in a tizzy over Downtown's maple syrup scent, it's case closed on a similar mystery in the Upper East Village. A stroll along 13th Street between Third and Second Avenues during the evening hours over the past couple weeks only results in one thing: immediate hunger. The reason? The smell of baking?the sweet, overpowering smell of baking?fills the cool night air behind the street's notorious "empty lot" (what the locals call it). Speculation has run rampant as to the cause, and as the sun lifted over the East Village this morning, the culprit was outed.

Not only does the brand new Dunkin Donuts call to passersby on 14th Street with its bright colors and frosted wonders, but it's also pumping a scent out of the back of the store that acts as a siren call to those trying to avoid 14th Street foot traffic by heading one block south. A dastardly move, if you ask us. Try it, roughly between 7 and 9 p.m. every night.
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