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West Villagers Fight Schnabel Tower

Artist Julian Schnabel, who is terrorizing the Far West Village with his plan to expand his West 11th Street building to 12 stories and 167 feet, may be in a bit of trouble. You see, construction was initially ruled far enough along on his project that it could continue and be grandfathered in to the new rezoning rules, which cut off building height at 100 feet. Now, Michael Calderone reports that the Department of Buildings is rethinking the decision, since neighbors filed dozens of complaints stating that illegal construction took place for days after the rezoning rules were passed, in an apparent effort to complete the foundation on Schnabel's building so that it could be ruled "vested." Sneaky!

Preservationist neighbors have been protesting the Schnabel project?which calls for exhibition spaces, a pool and luxury condos?for a hot minute now, to little success. Will they get the last laugh? Karma may have taken notice when Schnabel told the Post after the rezoning ruling, “This rezoning is a victory for the neighborhood.” But, perhaps, a defeat for West Village chlorine salesmen.
[360 W 11th St. photo from the GVBA]
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