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On the Market: Queen of Your Own Castello in the Heights

Newcomers to Hudson Heights would be forgiven for thinking they've stumbled upon the Land of Make Believe: There's the Pumpkin House, Ye Olde England-style Hudson View Gardens, and now - direct from the hills of Tuscany (or somewhere vaguely Italiano) - the soon-to-be built Castelli di Cabrini! Only one of three townhouses remain: 10 rooms, two parking spaces, private elevator and roof garden, all for the princely sum of $4.8 million. But a lowly subject in the Castle Village co-op across the street who's had to bear the racket of rock-pummeling at the site ("which is still a partially dug hole behind a fence") writes:

For that kind of money, I'd want a full river view, not the "between the buildings" this place'll have, being on the wrong side of the street.Guess you'll just have to make friends with whoever buys that multimillion-dollar jack-o-lantern around the corner.
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