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Tim N' Nina's Hot Hot Neighborhood Picks!

In a NYT op-ed, Zagatistos Tim and Nina Zagat wax philosophical on the idea that tracking bar and restaurant openings is the best way to spot up-and-coming neighborhoods. While we've long favored this metric, it seems a tad clunky in application, at least if these hot hot neighborhood tips from the piece serve as the yardstick:

1) Park Slope: "poised for similar growth [to that of the Meatpacking District]... All told, it adds up to one conclusion: more real estate boom times ahead."
2) Lower East Side: "What's next? That's easy. Residential real estate expansion on the wide boulevards of Allen and Chrystie Streets."
3) Long Island City: "Its best days are yet to come."
4) Harlem: "Rest assured, when the restaurant scenes in these neighborhoods diversify, the people will too."
5) "Keep your eye on Hell's Kitchen and NoLIta."

Just remember, friends, when the quirky little neighborhoods listed above above hit it big, you heard it here first.
· There Goes the Neighborhood [NYTimes]