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Introducing the Curbed Flickr Photo Pool

Flickr user aypianoman emails us, "Just thought it was about time you stopped using a picture of St. Ann's completely built. Here are four pictures of it in its current state." [Oooh, thanks!—ed]

Which reminds us of a new toy we'd like to introduce: if you're a Curbed reader with a digital camera and a passion for the urbanity of New York City, consider contributing photos to the new Curbed Group Photo Pool on Flickr. (Flickr, for those unfamiliar, is a fantastic free photo-sharing service now owned by Yahoo.) Photos can be submitted to the pool, or tagged "curbed". We'll check the pool and the curbed tagfeed for story tips, and run the best stuff here. We posted a few snaps to get things rolling; jump in and add your photos of architecture, new developments, plywood-encased restaurants, &c.
· Curbed Group Photo Pool [Flickr]