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Frank Gehry's Downtown Tower: 'Conservative, Radical'

Last spring, we reported that Frank Gehry and Bruce Ratner were looking for "luxury individuals" for a focus group about a possible 75-story Gehry-designed tower to occupy an open lot downtown at 85 Beekman Street. (For site context, check out this skyline sketch.) Seems that Frank has found his man: Kurt Andersen. Per Andersen's New York column this week:

Next spring, construction should begin on the first Gehry skyscraper on the planet, a 74-story apartment tower (plus hospital and school) just south of the Brooklyn Bridge. Given the string of abortive New York projects he’s been through (like the doomed ground-zero theater center), he doesn’t want to publish his design for Beekman Tower "until they're sure they’re going to build." But he showed me the renderings. For a Gehry building, it’s conservative, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing—a classic Manhattan skyscraper with several setbacks. But for a Manhattan high-rise it’s radical, since it will likely be clad in titanium—creased and wrinkled as if it’s a few yards of draped fabric rather than a dozen acres of metal.Conservative and radical? Hey, he's not a starchitect by chance, friends.
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