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WTC Chaos Update: Port Authority Shops Shopping

The Port Authority, recently a silent player in the World Trade Center shell game, bursts back into the limelight with a two-fold pledge: first, they'll build that memorial themselves, thank you very much. Second, they'll build a big shopping mall across the street. Particularly glorious is the suggestion for Cortlandt Way, a pulsating corridor of commerce (right) leading shoppers from Church Street through to the Memorial Site.

Perusing the schematic above, Memefirst blogger Felix Salmon is horrified by what he's not seeing in the foreground: "Century 21 (which is located on Church Street between Cortlandt and Dey) has simply ceased to exist! All that is left in its place is a patch of brown – one might almost say scorched – earth. It's not clear what's happened to 1 Liberty Plaza, either." When the neighborhood just isn't classy enough for Century 21...
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