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On the Market: Take the Google Train to the Heights

Since last we checked Google Base, they've stocked more real, live Manhattan apartments in the results. Like this Gotham Market listing: a three-bedroom in Hudson Heights with six rooms overall for $649,000. But not so fast. Head over to the actual Elliman listing (which may or may not work depending on the hour), and you'll realize it's near 177th St. - to call that area below the G.W. Bridge "Hudson Heights" would be a stretch. Also, labeling it 3BR means sacrificing either the living room or the dining room. And did we mention there's only one bathroom? That "17 minutes" to Columbus Circle seems a bit precise for anyone who's ever waited for the A, but the train does seem to run right ... by (below?) the apartment building. Are you ready to rumble? (Feel free to contradict us, as always, if you know otherwise.)
· Listing: 371 Ft Washington Ave. [Elliman]
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