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Clearance Sale at The Madison: Central Ill. in Harlem?

A faithful reader and open-house attendee has heard word of potential PriceChopping at The Madison, a Developers Group property at 23 E. 128th St.:

They still have 7 unsold apts. The broker even mentioned that if my price range was a little lower than what they were asking, they can "do something about it" ... I am under the impression that one can ask for at least 50k less than the listing prices and will get it. The building itself is not bad, but not good either - the ceilings are low (maybe 7.5, max 8 ft), the living rooms are small, and I was bothered by the kitchen islands ... The apts look like something developed in central Illinois, no character, very generic, suburban type apts. Also, the building is right across two High Schools - you know what that is like on a school day ...

If you step a few blocks down on 5th and 124th st, a new condo is rising [2002 Fifth Ave. -ed.], with views of Marcus Gravey park, big windows, no schools in sight - a much better deal!!

Open house tonight at The Madison, 6:30-7:30. Ready to bargain?
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