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The Hotel Carter: Ye Olde Times Square Grime

The Sunday Times' Metro section featured a 700-room Times Square lodging house that's a "little-known source of grimy hospitality." Welcome to the Hotel Carter, where you'll get dead bugs, bare bulbs, moldy patches, and bad plumbing, all for the not-low-enough price of $232 (two nights, one lonely soul, after taxes). How ever did those intrepid journos find it? Oh, yeah, it's directly across from the Times' own soon-to-be-ex-headquarters on 43rd St.

Due laughs are directed at the front-door-marquee slogan that we too have often puzzled at: "You Wanted in Time Square & Less." If that isn't perplexing enough, try the hotel's own website, where you'll find: "The Pleasure of Budgeting New York City," which we thought was a private activity reserved for Mayor Bloomberg's staff.
· What Do You Expect for $99.23 a Night? [NYT]

[Ineffable "candid traveler photo" via TripAdvisor.]

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