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It Happened One Weekend: Gold For Sale

1) The 88 loft residences at 99 Gold Street (right) in Brooklyn's Vinegar Hill will go on sale in February, with 750sf studios expected to go for $350,000, and two-bedrooms expected to fetch $1.35 million. Five duplex apartments have rooftop cabanas, and the building has its own basketball court. Nice. Last time we checked in with 99 Gold, by the way, things were hot! hot! HOT! [Dakota Smith/NYPost]
2) The Times poses a challenge to realtors: Take the $220,000 national median home price and find us some places in New York City to live. Before you spit out your coffee in a fit of laughter (unless it's too late; grab a napkin!), let it be known that through the first 3 quarters of the year, there were 153 sales at or below that price in just Manhattan. [NYTimes]
3) The Post highlights several non-Manhattan New York City nabes that are suburbanish, for those who are into that whole shrubbery thing. Riverdale, Forest Hills and some place in Staten Island are among those 'hoods spotlighted. You're still not moving there. [NYPost]
4) In an interesting case with potentially huge ramifications, an appellate court overturns a decision that allowed a father and son injured by a fence that fell from a building's roof to sue each condo owner individually. [Patrick O'G Healy/Postings]
5) "Big, cheap and somewhere in Manhattan." Can this wide-eyed young couple pull it off? Tune into The Hunt to find out. We ain't spolin' it for you. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
6) This history of the Beresford is perfect for people who can read something like this, "Although the Beresford is sometimes considered the cynosure of Central Park West co-ops, its stumpy spires mark it not as an apotheosis but as the antecedent of its remarkable colleagues," and not fall asleep. [Christopher Gray/Streetscapes]