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Can Save Our Parks Carry Develop Don't Destroy's Jock?

We've been tracking the rapid rise of Save Our Parks, the south Bronx blog in opposition to the new Yankee Stadium, for days now. We even thought they may be the new Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn, the anti-Brooklyn stadium crusaders, if there could ever be such a thing. But we must say, today's Open Letter to Community Officials leaves us a little deflated. To wit,

How can all these elected officials, and the Yankees as well, say that they are working with community groups when we, SaveOurParks, a group that was formed in opposition to this project and has garnered over 4,000 signatures on petitions since just the beginning of October, have yet to meet with one elected official besides Helen Diane Foster?
And if we had any idea who Helen Diane Foster was (okay, okay, save your emails), we'd probably be even less impressed. Seriously, guys, Dan Goldstein wouldn't roll like this.
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