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WTC Chaos Update: All The Debris That Fits

So much World Trade Center site news, so much inanity. Herewith, a special Curbed wrap on the latest and greatest from The Pit and its environs...

1) Photos above are not from the latest Meatpacking District it-spot. Rather, you're looking live (okay: not live) at the scene at 7 World Trade Center this past weekend, where the Architect's Newspaper threw a party. The Gutter and Unbeige document the carnage. [The Gutter, Unbeige, w/bonus name dropping!]
2) Speaking of 7WTC, catch that glorious insert in the Sunday Times magazine? It lead us to the website, a destination that has quickly become our new Internet portal. []
3) Tribeca weekly Downtown Express goes to town on the WTC this week in a special section. Among the ruins: an update on the memorial (now $800 million, up from $350 million estimates) and an essay that becomes an immediate frontrunner for Bizarro Universe Headline of the Year ("Downtown Progress is Real and Steady"). [Downtown Express, scroll to bottom]
4) A heartwarming Intelligencer item: "Get a piece of the World Trade Center wreckage for your local memorial!" [New York Mag]
5) Finally, regarding yesterday's news about the Port Authority Mall, Cuozzo notes that Bloomberg opposes the plan to build a shopping "pedestal" on the base of towers, fearing the towers will never get built. Blogger John Massengale summarizes thusly: "So this is it, an ugly fortified tower that no one wants to be in, and a New Jersey shopping mall?" [NYPost; Veritas et Venustas]