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On the Market: Sins of the Shower Curtain in EVill

Sure, this place is within spitting distance of the beloved prodigal East Village cube, but it's got some design issues of its own, according to one disgusted Curbed reader:

Has what might be the worst shower curtain ever photographed for a listing. EVER. ... Didn't they ever learn about staging an apartment?And while we're on the topic of staging, what's with the living room shot? Three measly pieces of depressing furniture that make us weep for the state of home furnishings in America! Is that all they could find on a 45-minute-long hunt for curbside cast-offs? Ok, ok, we're probably being a bit too harsh. To the basics: Bedroom, living space, closets, cramped kitchen, doorman, neighborhood of the Alamo: $609,000.

Well, closer to $609,039.95 after you've secured an equally quirky yet more to-your-taste designer shower curtain from, say, Jonathan Adler.
· Listing: 115 East 9th St. [Corcoran]
· The Cube Is Back; And Now We Shall Wait for It To Disrobe [Curbed]

UPDATE: We've got a late-breaking entry to the shower-curtain Hall of Shame: "The prize of worst curtain ever has to be the infamous Official MTA Subway Map Shower Curtain...Can be yours for $35.00 plus tax and shipping and handling." Get that fresh I-just-waited-half-an-hour-for-the-G-train feeling!