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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: It Wasn't Howard

[Waited a whole extra day to see if any real celebs turned up in the just sold box. Alas, this will have to do (not that we didn't love that Harvey Keitel nudie pic).]

1) Actress Holly Hunter is expecting twins, so she's trading in her Greenwich Village two-bedroom apartment for a nearby four-bedroom unit in the fabulous 11-story co-op at 43 Fifth Avenue (above). And she ain't buying it from some nobody, either. The $4.995 million "Edwardian palace" belonged to another actress you may have heard of, named Julia Roberts. You can't see the listing anymore on Elliman agent James Rosenthal's page, so here's the cached version. Thanks, Google! [William Neuman/Big Deal]
2) Turns out it was Leonard Stern, the "dog-food czar," who paid $27 million for the estate next to Howard Stern's vacant property in Southampton, and not Howard himself, as reported earlier. Tomato, tomahto. [Post/Keil]
3) When Kelly Ripa bought Nicole Kidman's old digs, we wondered who would buy Ripa's old place. Well, not Robin Roberts, the co-host of Good Morning America, and present occupant of one of the apartments at the West End tower Ripa used to call home. (Though that would have been something!) But don't cry for Robert; she has landed a new place in the in the Heritage at Trump Place for $2.575 million. [Manhattan Transfers]