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The Plaza Presents: Timeshares!

The Plaza, closed for renovations that will turn the hotel into a condo/hotel hybrid, might have another treat in store when it reopens in 2007: timeshares! NewYorkology reports that last week's announcement that Fairmont Hotels & Resorts will manage 282 rooms of The Plaza was only part of the story: "Of those 282 rooms, 130 will be regular hotel rooms and 152 will be 'condo hotel' rooms, in which the owner gets to use the room up to four months every year, with Fairmont using the room as a hotel room the other eight months."

Okay, not exactly timeshares. But sort of like timeshares, just with even more random people hanging out in your bedroom when you're not there.
· Plaza to reopen in 2007 with new 'condo-hotel' rooms [NewYorkology]