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Gentrification Update: Bohos in Paradise City

Speaking of hipster gentrification gone awry, this week's New York Look Book offers a bright, shiny gem that we can't stop ourselves from immediately dropping two month's salary on:

What have you been criticizing lately?
The most recent thing I wrote was an essay on gentrification and how it destroys the possibility of being bohemian in New York City. Does bohemia exist anywhere now?
I don’t know. I certainly don’t have the authority to say that. I’m guilty of staying in the bubble of Manhattan.

Where do you live?
On the Lower East Side. I loved it until I got mugged at gunpoint. And I had just come home from D.J.-ing, so now 300 CDs are gone. The guys had a sawed-off shotgun. But the rent’s cheap.

Everything—everything—you need to know about New York City is encapsulated in the above 98 words. Commit to memory; there will be a quiz.
· The Look Book: Summer Hoffstrom, Writer [New York Mag]