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Brownstone Bargain: Gorgeous Detail, Loose Dead Guy

We always knew that Murray Hill was kind of creepy, but this saucy Best of Craigslist entry breaks new ground for, uh, below the belt shenanigans. It starts simply enough:

I moved into my apartment in August. It's a very old building in Murray Hill, a converted brownstone. My studio is pretty sweet - cool, old details, really pretty. I got the place for cheap, no fee -on Craiglist of course. The thing is, the girl moving out couldn't wait to get out of there. I was a little suspicious and looked around for something wrong, but didn't find anything bad about the place - until later....Needless to say, many twists and turns from there. Sample quote: "So last week, scary skull moments notwithstanding, I decided it was time for Mr. Ghosty McDeadguy and I to take the next step in our relationship."
· MC With The Hot Guy Who Died in My Apartment - w4m - 29 [Craigslist]