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It Happened One Weekend: Billyburg or Staten Island?

1) After ripping Williamsburg for its coolkid tendencies, Joyce Cohen revisits the hipster well and hauls up a doozy. Older brother/aging hipster wants out of Wililamsburg, so he moves back to Manhattan, where younger brother/sculptor/art director must crash while he looks for a way to cling onto his own hipster credibility. Hijinx, various Velvet Underground poses (right) and a two-level Jackson Street pad ensue. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]
2) The ownership cats at the Essex House are acting mad grimey when it comes to exercising their right of first refusal on co-op sales, yo. Suckas be keeping all that cake to themselves, nawmean? [William Neuman/Big Deal]
3) At the top 10 real estate firms in the city, 30.7 to 63.1 percent of brokers and agents each have 0 listings to their names. So how do they make a living? Moxie and pluck, we'd imagine. [NYTimes]
4) If you think you're all sly by using multiple brokers, Post real estate advice columnist Jane Reilly Mount has some news for you: Your ass is gonna get busted. Then who's the smarty pants? [Jane Reilly Mount/NYPost]
5) The Times' Habitats column says the avant-garde art world is heading from Brooklyn to the St. George neighborhood of Staten Island. Their proof? One couple who moved. Yeesh, we haven't seen this little evidence used to prove a point since the Sacco and Vanzetti trial! Anyone ... anyone? [Fred A. Bernstein/Habitats]
6) Do you know the difference between a real condop and a fake condop? This explanation will teach you about the bastardization of the term, not to mention introduce you to an awesome new classification: the NBA co-op. [Jay Romano/Your Home]